Home automation

We create solutions that make basic home operations a pleasure. Integrating appliances into the smart home system allows efficient control of individual components. Despite their complexity, our systems are not only intuitive but also easy to use.
We provide a comprehensive service - from design to implementation.

Modern design

We make every effort to ensure that the software we develop keeps up with the times. We meet client’s requirements and successively upgrade the applications we design, making home management even more enjoyable.


The solutions we offer are easy to use. The most necessary functionalities are available immediately after launching the application.


All functions used by clients can be found in one place. This allows our clients to save time and enjoy convenience. The same app can be used on multiple devices, e.g. a phone or tablet.

What can you control with our app?


Using our app, you can not only switch individual luminaires on or off, but also control the brightness and colour of the light. In addition, it is possible to set up scenes in which the user himself determines the lighting properties for the entire room. Individual luminaires can be combined into groups - at the user's discretion. These options apply to indoor and outdoor lighting.


The app allows you to monitor the temperature in rooms equipped with sensors, set the desired temperature and read the outside temperature. Radiators, underfloor heating, wall heating, air conditioning and ventilation can all be controlled with one device.


With our app, you will connect your device to the most popular streaming portals that offer a rich selection of music or podcasts such as Spotify. It is possible to create several accounts that remember their settings.


Our apps allow you to control your home cinema, projectors and other devices that display video. It is quick and efficient to switch between different VOD platforms - such as Netflix, HBO, Apple TV.

Awnings | Roller blinds | Curtains

Through the interface, they can be opened, closed and the opening degree of the individual elements can be set.


In addition to the above examples, it is possible to automate most elements such as external gates, wickets, contractons, central control units, thermal nodes, curtains, windows, doors, kitchen fittings, intercoms, etc.

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