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BMS system

Building Management System (BMS) is used to manage automatic control systems in a building. Its task is to integrate the installations present on the site, making it possible to manage the entire facility from a single location, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It allows monitoring of the operation of the equipment, changes to its parameters and informs of any failures that occur.
The whole is presented in the form of a graphical interface. The system makes it easy to manage not only the security of the building, but also all the processes involved in operating it.
We provide a comprehensive service - from design to completion.

Features of the BMS


The algorithms we use in our systems allow us to select the right parameters to optimise and reduce energy consumption and costs.


A single device allows all systems to be managed.


It is used to monitor, control and manage not only individual components, but entire systems. The user gains more control and saves time.

Capabilities of the BMS

Report generation

Reporting can take many forms. It is possible to create, for example, a monthly energy consumption report with a cost calculation.

Monitoring and control of system components

The software allows the status of the building to be monitored using textual and visual information.

Changing the settings of units

It is possible to control the settings for air conditioners. It is possible to start up, change the operating mode and set the cooling and heating temperatures.

Expansion and change of existing functions

The versatility of the BMS allows a programme to be created from scratch and existing solutions to be upgraded.

Optimising energy consumption

The data collected and processed by the BMS is excellent material for analysing the events taking place in the building and its installations, and consequently for evaluating the efficiency of the solutions used. All these factors have a direct impact on energy consumption in all its forms: heat, electricity, process cooling and also utilities.

Defining calendars and schedules

Calendars are used to define the working days of the equipment, while schedules are used for hourly management. They can be created either locally or read via a communication protocol.

Diagnostics and alarming

One of the basic functions of the BMS is to alert the user to equipment failures. In addition to the graphical representation of alarms, there are also console alarms, which the user must define and prioritise.

What can you control with our app?


Using our app, you can not only switch individual luminaires on or off, but also control the light intensity. Individual luminaires can be combined into groups - at the client's discretion.

Air handling units

The application allows real-time visualisation of the air handling unit's operation. Based on the panel diagram, an interactive graphic is created which also provides information on statuses, setpoints, actual values and alarms. The control panel can be controlled by means of a schedule and calendar, which greatly simplifies the operator's work.


With our app, you will be able to optimise your energy consumption. The visualisation allows not only the reading of counters in one place, but also the archiving of data for further analysis for savings. It is also possible to create monthly reports.

Boiler room

Diagram of the boiler room with all necessary statuses and alarms.

Air conditioning

Both individual fan coil units and self-defined groups in designated zones can be controlled via the interface. It is also possible to work according to a schedule. This allows you to plan what time of day you want the unit to start operating, as well as set the temperature value. From the BMS, you can also select the operating mode.


The visualisation of the switchgear enables a pleasant check of the status of the switches and a view of the network parameter analysers.


In addition to the above examples, it is possible to connect almost any device to the BMS.

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